History of the Victorian AFL/VFL teams  


Carlton football club 

Collingwood Football club

One of the main reasons that Fitzroy changed and became the Brisbane bears was because of financial matters. They were so bad that players and most of the board voted to move to Brisbane. From 1960-1979 the Fitzroy lions didn’t make the finals series in the VFL. The team had struggled but when they move, they became a formidable force and the toughest competition in the league. As two teams they have won 11 AFL/VFL grand finals. The two teams merged in 1996. At the start of the Brisbane bears journey in the AFL they got charged $4 million to join the league but they actually need money to help get started.

The Carlton football club were founded in 1864. They used to play all their home games at princess park but now play at the MCG or marvel stadium. They played there last match at princess park in 2005. Carlton is one of two teams who have won 16 grand finals which is the most in the AFL. In the 1890s the club went from one of the strongest teams to one of the weaker teams both on and off the field.

Essendon football club 

The Essendon football club have won 16 premierships which is tied for the most won. Essendon were founded in 1872. They didn’t play their first game until the 7th of June 1973 against a Carlton second side. They won 1 goal to 0. Essendon are one of the best know clubs. In 2014 Essendon got caught out with 34 of their players from the 2012 side testing positive to drugs. The club was fined $2 million and all players were banned for 2 years.

The Collingwood football club joined the league in 1892. Collingwood used to play their home matches at Victoria park. They have won 15 grand finals Collingwood have played in the most grand finals out of any team in the league they have been there 44 times. Collingwood attracts the highest attendance figures and television ratings of any professional sporting team in the nation. They are the only team to have won 4 grand finals in a row.

Geelong Football club

The Geelong cats are the only Victorian team that is not based in Melbourne. The club was founded in 1859. They are the second oldest team. Geelong hold the record for the highest winning margin in a AFL grand final winning by 119 points. Geelong had a 44-year drought without winning a grand final.

Hawthorn Football Club

Melbourne Football Club

Hawthorn were founded in the year 1902. They are the youngest Victorian based team. They have won 13 grand finals. They are the only club to have won a premiership in each decade the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s,2000s and 2010s. hawthorn haven’t played a match at Glenferrie oval since 1973. Hawthorn play 4 games a year at York park in Launceston  since 2007.

Richmond Football Club

The club was founded in 1885. They won 12 grand finals with 2 coming in the past 3 years with the latest coming in 2019, the club song is most well known for its yellow and black refrain. Richmond have 5 past players in the AFL hall of fame. Richmond went through a period of 37 years without winning a grand final.

The Melbourne Football club is the oldest team in the VFL/AFL history. They were founded in 1858. The club was a dominate team in the early years. Melbourne has won 12 premierships. There latest premiership was in 1964.

North Melbourne 

The kangaroos were founded in the year 1869. They are based at their traditional home ground Arden Street. They play their home games at marvel stadium and blundstone arena in Hobart. They have won 10 grand finals six in the VFA and four in the VFL/AFL.


St kilda Football Club

St Kilda was founded in 1873. Their name originates from their original home bayside Melbourne in St Kilda. They used to train at Moorabbin from 1965 to 2010 but they now train at Linen House Centre. The club is in alignment with Sandringham Football club. St Kilda have won 1 grand final and they   only won it by 1 point. They have finished last more times than any other team finishing last 27 times and giving them 27 wooden spoons. They also have the second lowest all time win percentage of any team still playing in the league.

First Reflection

I am excited to start the ignite project and researching about the VFL/AFL Victorian teams. I think it will be a good topic. I think I will be able to research and when it is all over I will try and keep doing even when the unit is over.

Western Bulldogs 

The Western Bulldogs were originally called Footscray they changed their name in 1996. They were founded in 1877. The club has won 2 grand finals. Their training facilities are located at Whitten oval. They play their home games at marvel stadium.


The largest AFL/VFL crowd is 121,696 fans at the game. The smallest crowd at a game is 14,865 fans at the game.

Reflection in Lockdown

When we went into lockdown, I found ignite became a lot easier. I felt like I had more time to work on the project. It was also hard as I didn’t have the one on one face to  face talk with the teachers and the helpers.


What is a member? A member is someone that buys a package at the start of the year to support that team that they chose. It allows you to go to games depending on what size membership you buy. The club that has the most members is the Richmond Football Club with 103,358 members. The club that has the least amount of members is the Gold Coast Suns with only 13,649 members.

Final Reflection  

My topic was the History of the Victorian VFL/AFL teams. I really enjoyed working on this project as we got the freedom to go and do what ever we wanted to do. I focused on the AFL as that is what my passion is. I would have liked it if we were able to spend the whole year  on this topic as I would have given us more time and I would have then been able to try and do all the AFL teams not just the Victorian based teams. Throughout this time, I learnt that I can work independently. But I also learnt that I would sometimes rather a teacher give me a task and instructions. The hardest thing about the unit was trying to come up with a good big question.

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